Make more art,
Not More Waste

High-quality artistic paint re-born from paint that was destined to fill our landfills.

Create like there’s no tomorrow.

We are reducing the amount of paint that ends up in landfills while still delivering premium quality that artists love. We are creating a brighter, more sustainable future for artists who want to make more art, not more waste.

The Highest Quality Art Paint - That Happens to be Recycled

Premium Quality Artistic Paint

Tested and used in high end galleries and trusted by sustainable muralist and fine artists around the world

Made from Recycled Paint

In partnership with Encore, Tomorrow’s Artist removes discarded paint from the waste stream and transforms it into quality paint for Tomorrow’s Artist

Created with Encore™

Anywhere you see this logo you can trust that a percentage of each item purchased will go towards arts education, community projects and circular economy awareness.

Our Story

Our story started in Laguna Beach, Ca. A community known for its community of nationally recognized artists, passionate environmentalists and home to brands who are passionate about the future (Oakley, Disneyland, Vans, etc.)

Here we have assembled a team of people just like you, passionate artists, art enthusiasts, makers, marketers and smarty pants who are committed to giving discarded architectural paint and other discarded items a second life.

We stand for the future with our creative community and champion the people and process to create products artist love.