About Tomorrow's Artist

"A World Free of Discarded Paint"

Tomorrow's Artist came from a moment of inspiration and was founded with a goal to create a community that reduces the impact of discarded paint and transforms the waste stream into inspiring works of art.

The company was launched out of Laguna Beach, California where the founding team members live, work, and create. As an authentic art community and environmentally conscious group of people, we had a thought…

We went to work on it.

We approached local artists and asked for insights and guidance on what they liked about the paint they currently use to create their artwork. We worked on it for four years, seeking a solution. Exploring and learning all we could. Our team received input from many different types of artists:  from commissioned fine artists, to muralists, casual artists, and crafters.

And now, from inspiration to reality, through the work of our hands and some innovative science, the materials and methods we developed are available for all. We invite you to join our growing community of environmentally aware artisans who are helping to solve this monumental environmental challenge.

Created With Encore

Surrounded by some of the most talented and promising artists, art schools and galleries, it’s hard not to be inspired. Nestled into the canyon you will find a culture of appreciation for art and the world around us. Through that, Encore Artistic Solutions was born.

Working side-by-side with artists, Encore developed a proprietary process wherein we intercept discarded paint, on its way to landfills around the world.