Charly has been a painter for more than 10 years, beginning as a poet and oil painter while pursuing her BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. After completing her degree, she lived in Greece and Italy, studying ancient works of art and classic painting techniques. Currently, Charly lives in Truckee, California, working as a full time artist, sharing her story.

Her paintings are born from her experience, half remembered and half imagined, familiar places. Charly’s childhood was spent in the woods behind the house her father built. She was drawn to the woods as a place where she felt small as an observer and large as a narrator, and this is the same feeling that draws her to painting. Painting offers a paradoxical space, just as the woods once did, to soak in her ever changing environment and visually reconstruct memories with poetic rendering. Focusing on plants and animals as her subject, sculptural organic forms are evident in almost every painting.

This past year, her work has broadly developed from interests in nature to a fascination for sustainability.  Charly is currently teamed up with Encore Paint, a recycling company that turns discarded paint into new, usable paint for artists. The founders of Encore have developed a process that uses at least 60% premium acrylic materials from consumer drop off sites, to then create high-quality art paint. Since she’s working with repurposed paint, her work is constructed in such a way to raise awareness of particular problems that have arisen in various fields, such as climate change, diminishing biodiversity, and deforestation.


Charly Malpass

Full Time Artist/Muralist

Lake Tahoe, California