Art has always been my most reliant form of communication and preferred way of connecting with the world. I have been drawing since before I could speak English, and am fortunate enough to of had it become my entire way of living. 
I attended 2 years at Otis College of Art and Design for Fine Arts, where I explored all the facets of the creative world and was educated in various subjects, (animation, sculpture, painting, building, design etc.) At 19, the interactions I had made through selling art, led me to skateboarding, and skateboarding led me to infinite loads of inspiration, confidence and energy to continue pushing my artistic journeys further. Together, art and skateboarding have collaborated to provide me with the most beautiful and meaningful encounters. Falling completely into my passions and spending countless hours exploring them has helped me focus, and understand the universe and balance within it. I am endlessly grateful for this world we live in and I want to share my visions with you.  


Dani Torres


Los Angeles, California